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Hi – if you are here, you are one of the incredible people I was so thrilled to invite to be a speaker at the Break Through with Media summit – and you’re in!  I am so excited to team up with you to create something that’s going to be incredible.  

This summit is all about offering the fastest, one-stop way for authors, entrepreneurs, service providers, change-makers and thought-leaders to learn how they could be harnessing media exposure and speaking engagements to break through to more recognition, credibility, audience and revenue.  And your expertise is required!

On this page you’ll find the resources meant to make your life as easy as possible and answer any questions you may have.  If you have a question I did not answer, email me at speakerinfo@break-through-events.com or ask over in the Speaker group. Click to join.


How it will all work

What I’ll need from you 

Affiliate Details

Action steps

Important dates

Important links


Benefits of Speaking

How it’ll all work

Here’s a quick rundown of how the whole thing will work.

The main 3 days of the summit will run from Tues, Feb 7 – Thur, Feb 9 with live presentations running each day.

Unlike many summits, you do not have to create a pre-recorded video of your presentation.  These sessions are live, which is easier for you, and is much more appealing to the audience.

Your Summit Session

To give us as much time as possible to just focus on your talk, we are incorporating a brief pre-recorded intro for you in the ‘intermission’ video we show before each speaker.

Your 35 minute live ‘speaker session’ is roughly structured thus:

You can do your session presentation style with a slide deck OR your session can be interview-style; the host can stay on-screen with you and conversationally ask you questions to explore your topic.

Connecting with Attendees

Along with the live presentations, there will be an online space for attendees to hang out in, discuss session topics, and ask all of us additional questions. You are very welcome to join in those conversations!


Leading up to the summit,

in addition to the individual promo livestreams we’ve invited you to schedule,

we’ll have two weeks of promotion. We’ll provide with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy! I’ll even have a suggested posting/sending schedule for you to make promo easy to outsource to a VA.  There is more detail below in the Promotion section.

The All-Access Pass

During the promotion phase, as the summit is running, and for a week after the summit is complete, we’ll also be promoting the “All-Access Pass“. This includes all the replays, the Speaker Contribution Bundle of your discounted offers, pre- and post-summit events in the community. In addition to providing immense value to our attendees, this gives you, the speakers, so much more opportunity to gather emails, leads and paying clients – all while earning affiliate commissions on the sales brought in from your promotional efforts.  I call that win-win-win!

What I’ll need from you

Hopefully, so far, so good.  But what kind of work does it require of you?

My goal is to make this as easy for you as possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value and growing our businesses.

1. Basic Information

I’ll need is some basic information from you so I can finish up our Registration page and the Speakers page (coming soon!) where we’ll be showcasing you.

This information can be supplied and uploaded via this INTAKE FORM and includes things like:

There are a few other questions on the form about optional benefits you can choose to opt in or opt out of.  These are covered in the next few sections below.

2. Presentation Slot Scheduling Confirmation

The next thing I’ll need is to confirm your scheduled presentation slot!  In the invitation email I sent there was a request for a specific time slot for your presentation.  If that needs tweaking there is a question in the INTAKE FORM where you can confirm that date or not.

The structure of the summit, configured by an instructional designer for maximum audience impact, is a 3-day knowledge-building sequence.  As a result, your session is required on a specific day, as much as possible, in a specific order. If you confirm in the form that you can work with the requested timeslot, I will schedule using your email and you will receive the add-to-calendar email as well as reminders closer to the day.  

3. Opt-in (or out) for a LIVE Interview

I want to do livestream interviews leading up to the summit (Wed Jan 4 – Fri Feb 3), featuring the amazing women that will be speakers at the summit.  This will be promotional content for the summit – and the speakers! –  and will give me the content I need to also create short clips for the summit sizzle reel that will play during breaks and intermissions.

Please opt-in only if you are comfortable co-promoting your interview; as we all know, the power of your media appearances is when you then tell the world about it.  

You can indicate whether you want or do not want to opt-in, as well as book a time be a LIVE interviewee on the INTAKE FORM

Opt-in: If you would like to be featured in a LIVE, which will become video and audio promo content for the summit, please click indicate whether you want to GRAB A SPOT on the calendar for when you would be able to record.

Due Date: Please agree and book by December 22nd. 

4. Downloadable Freebie

Along with your presentation, we will want to offer an actionable freebie related to your talk and you can share your opt-in link for that right on the INTAKE FORM.

There are a few reasons behind this:

The content of the freebie should amplify your presentation and give some action steps. You are more than welcome to include links and a call-to-action at the end.

5. Opt-in (or out) of the All-Access Pass Contribution

The “All-Access Pass” will be a huge addition to the presentations we’re running. To make it even more valuable to both the pass holders and to you, I’d ask each of you to provide one discounted resource to add. This involves you sending us the link to the offer, a discount code (minimum of 10% off), a description, and an image or mock-up that will allow us to show off what you’re offering. The contribution includes whatever you’re currently offering and would like to get eyes on, such as:

While this isn’t required, it can be highly beneficial to you and your participation is encouraged.

Anyone who does contribute a discounted resource (ie. a discount that is specific to summit paid members) will get a 50% affiliate commission on sales, rather than 40%.


Opt-in: If you’d like to offer a discount code on your more high-value piece of content for the All-Access Pass paid audience to get a deeper sample of what you do, please fill out the “All-Access Pass Contribution” section of the INTAKE form.

Due Date: The info and assets for your contribution are due on January 4th. That gives us time to process everyone’s contribution AND promote it, as well.

6. Your Session

This is – I hope – the easy part.  There is no presentation recording required, simply a live solo presentation from you or an interview-style presentation with myself.  For the theme of all sessions the general format of the talk is:

As I mentioned in the “How it all works” section, that “how you help” part is often more smoothly done when you are conversationally invited by the host to share how you help – seems less salesy. If you have elected to do a solo presentation, we can do that part of your presentation once the host rejoins you onscreen and before we go into the Q&A portion of your session.

7. Promotion

The power of an online summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Because of that, everyone is encouraged to share on social media and to email their lists during the promotion period, starting on Jan 24 – Feb 7.

You’ll want to share using your affiliate link (which you can set up soon – we’ll let you know) so you can get in on the 40% commission that will come from any All-Access Pass sales (50% if you’ve contributed an All-Access Pass Contribution).

We’ll be sharing swipe copy and graphics for your promo posting closer to the time.

8. The Speaker Group – info center

The first thing you can do is to join the Speaker group (coming soon!) which will be info central for what you need to know.  I promise I won’t spam you – just the required info – so please turn on your notifications. 

9. Live Participation

And last comes participation during the week of the event.  In addition to your speaking slot, feel free to interact in the summit group throughout the week to help attendees stay excited and engaged – and get to know you better!

While you are not required to attend the events of other speakers, it’s highly encouraged! We’ll be able to get some great discussions going about the topics being presented.  If you can afford the time, it would be valuable to show up in the conversations as the thought-leader you are.

Affiliate Details

While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, extra income is always nice.

That’s why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the “All-Access Pass” where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to the event. Payouts will be made by February 17th.

The commission structure is as follows:


There is one level of pass:


The pricing structure will be:

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, we will supply you with things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics as well as your own affiliate link. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and promote how you think will work best for your audience. 


  1. 1. Remember to use your affiliate link but, as with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.
  2. 2. ** Do not modify or shorten your affiliate link or it will NOT track your affiliate sales!**

We will send you your affiliate link soon after we have you onboarded.

Click here to sign-up/sign-in for your affiliate account and link

Click here to quickly grab your link (coming soon!)

Current Action Steps

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps once you’ve agreed to be a speaker:

Remember to get things added to your calendar because – if you’re like me – if it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist.

Important Dates

Please add the following dates to your calendar and keep them in mind as the summit approaches. And hey, if you want to send things over a little early , that’s even better!

Important links

Here are all links mentioned throughout this page, in one place:


I want you to be able to make the most out of this experience, here are some resources that will help you do that:





Benefits of Speaking

Right up front, I want to just lay out some of the benefits to speaking at this summit.  As a guest expert you get:

If you have further questions you can email me at speakerinfo@break-through-events.com or simply post your question in the Speaker MN Group