Break Through with Media - 3 days, 20 experts

Discover how to get invited, featured, and promoted on stages and in media and have the big breakthrough you deserve.


If you are the best-kept secret in your industry, need more leads, more revenue, and want to become a powerful change-maker, you need media exposure.


presentation replays

20 action-packed
presentation replays

55+ page fillable summit workbook 

Premium Speaker Resource Bundle to expedite your success!


This summit restructured my whole thinking around priorities, and what might be possible for me, and then gave me the whole toolkit I need to move forward with leveling up. It’s exactly what I needed (and need) to be doing RIGHT NOW…what could be more important to my family than being happier in my work, having a greater impact, and getting paid real money to do it. 

Tracy Bernett, Journalist & Founder Esperanza Project

You are amazing at what you do but in the chaos of social media today, it is increasingly difficult to be found, seen, and heard.

If you are like most people these days, what you really want is to…

Stand out and make the $$ you deserve

Powerfully establish credibility & authority

Rise above the competition

Replace fruitless social media posts with content that converts

Play a Bigger Game

You can have all these things while actually freeing up more time for you, your business – your life!


The Break Through with Media Summit IS ALL ABOUT THAT


We’ll teach you everything you need to get invited, featured and promoted on stages and in media to go from unknown to sought-after

Precious L. Williams, “Killer Pitch Master”

Int’l Pro Speaker & Founder of Perfect Pitches By Precious

Break Through with Media Summit Speaker

Maybe you’re…

Noticing your social media reach has tanked and you’re spending more time on content creation and posting for little return

Feeling like the world’s best-kept secret

In competition with people offering half of your value but you don’t know how to differentiate yourself

It’s time to make a change; get the media, exposure, and PR you need to break through


Why this event, why now?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, author or startup, the business math in 2022 is this:    100s of millions of new business have flooded into the market due to pandemic job losses+ competition for market attention has never been this fierce+ social media marketing – the marketing tool of choice in recent years for many millions of small businesses – has cratered

= how and where people find you needs to evolve, to elevateSOLUTION:  Media – appearances on podcasts, TV, magazines, radio – speaking engagements, publicity   This summit is all about offering the fastest, one-stop way for you to learn how you could be harnessing these to break through to more recognition, credibility, audience and revenue. All the opportunities, components, strategies, how they work together, and how you make them powerfully work for you – everything laid out and synthesized in one transformative event.

The Break Through with Media Summit delivers

The Speakers

What you’ve been waiting for – who are these 20 experts and what will I be learning from them at the Break Through with Media Summit??

Jump to:

Unit 1 | Unit 2 | Unit 3

Unit 1: The Opportunities

Pam Perry

Dr. Pam Perry
The Value of Media Exposure for Your Business

Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson
How to Stand Out (and Get Paid!) with Speaking

Orly Amor

Orly Amor
Virtual Event Speaking, The Dos, Don’ts, and The Dollars

Bilyana Georgieva

Bilyana Georgieva
How a TEDx Talk Helps Your Visibility, Credibility, and Authority

September Smith

September Smith
Podcast Guesting: Powerful Brand Building

Stacia Crawford

Stacia Crawford
How to Get Free TV Exposure

Beth Nydick

Beth Ritter Nydick
From “Undiscovered” to “Unforgettable” with Publicity

Speaker Name
Presentation Title

Unit 2: The Skillsets

Vaneese Johnson The Boldness Coach at vaneese head shot square

Vaneese Johnson
Develop a Bold, Big, Bad Mindset

Roz Miller Choice

Roz Miller-Choice
Before the Media: Your Personal Brand

Carol Cox

Carol Cox
Speaking Your Brand® 

Precious L Williams

Precious L. Williams 
Power Pitches

Michelle Warner

Michelle Warner
Strategic Networking for Opportunity

Jessica Rasdall

Jessica Rasdall
Speaking to Scale

Toni Caruso

Toni Caruso
Relationships That Get You Booked – and Rebooked!

Speaker Name
Presentation Title

Unit 3: The Services

Jessica Rhodes Founder of Interview Connections

Jessica Rhodes Podcast Guesting Booking Services

Esha Joshi

Esha Joshi
Yoodli: AI for Speaking

Mickie Kennedy

Mickie Kennedy
The Power of Press Releases

Kahshanna Evans

Kahshanna Evans
What a Great PR Company Can Do

Speaker Name
Presentation Title

Jess Tyson

Jess Tyson
The VA Advantage For Your Media and Speaking

Bobbie Carlton

Bobbie Carlton
Working with a Speaker Bureau

Speaker Name
Presentation Title

All this incredible expertise LIVE and at your fingertips!


Where You’ll Find Our Speakers

Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m September, a business podcast host and a podcast guesting strategist.  I help clients leverage podcast guest appearances for marketing and promotion of their business.  But it is just part of the story. 

As much as I am all about the power of podcast guesting, I believe that every change-maker and thought-leader – authors, entrepreneurs, coaches or service providers – should combine earned media and speaking opportunities into their own media campaign that puts them on the map and keeps their name coming up in front of the people who need them.

I created this summit to help you figure out how to do that. How to bust out of the social-media-posting grind and break through to more authoritative stages and media where you can build your portfolio of client-convincing media content and credibility. 

The Details


You will have access to each presentation by our 20 industry experts. Presentations consist of a 40-minute session, including Q&A, where each speaker shares their gold in their area of expertise.   


You’ll have access to the Break Through with Media  FB group to get your questions answered.

Speaker Resources

Speaker resources (guides, quizzes, worksheets, masterclasses, and more) are provided by each speaker to supplement the speaker’s presentation.

Premium Resources

You will gain instant access to a bundle of premium bonus content from our speakers (workbooks, courses, free memberships, and more) to expedite your success!


→   Stop playing small

→   Start working smarter, not harder

→   Step up the bigger game you were meant to be playing 

Join us for this transformational event – register today!





Frequenty Asked Questions

I have a new business; does this apply to me?
Getting media coverage can actually be a powerful way for new businesses to really get off the ground! The necessary element to making this work is having your core business concepts, products and messaging firmly established. After all, media is all about the message. For some entrepreneurs, like consultants, they may be ready to harness media immediately – and often do to build their brand.

Either way, it is never too early to know what your options are – and who better to learn from than an array of experts!

What sort of business people is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for all business people whether you are using some earned media and speaking already, or don’t know where to get started, including business professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, coaches, and beyond.

Does this apply to authors?

Getting media exposure, stage appearances, PR and publicity for you and your book is as good as it gets!  Learning how to make this happen can take you to brand new heights

Will this work for product-based business as well as service-based businesses?
There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the best combination of media for a given company or industry but if your kind of business has ever been successfully marketed with advertising then you can bet this will work for your business.
Is this approach strictly for extroverts?
Not at all! Some of our speakers are actually introverts themselves and have figured out the best way for them to comfortably utilize media and speaking to position themselves and grow their business.
Is this to replace social media marketing for my business?
No – to expand upon it and make it work even better for you! You can still post and engage on social media; you’ll just have much more authoritative, convincing content to be posting and sharing. In the meantime, all your media and speaking appearances is being promoted by others on a wider variety of channels, getting you and your business in front of more people than you’d reach in years of posting.
I am a paid speaker, is this course for me?

Probably not. This course is designed for business people that are beginners in earned media and speaking and are looking for practical first steps and an entry point.

Will I always have access to the course?

Yes. Once you’ve paid for the course you’ll always have access. This means that you’ll also have access to the course as we continue to upgrade and improve our lessons over time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Do to the digital nature of this content, and the high-value speaker bonuses included, we do not offer refunds. However, if you experience any difficulties with the course interface or content please do not hesitate to reach out to us here.

I still have questions!

No problem! Email any questions to and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

It’s your time to…

3 days, 20 experts all gathered in one place to help you get the recognition, acclaim, and credibility that you need to level up and be seen as the go-to expert in your space.