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Learn how to leverage media & speaking

from 18 industry experts  |  February 7 – 9, 2023

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It´s time to start playing a MUCH bigger game

Brilliantly curated Summit – this is an event that will change your life, catapult your business, and give you the resources you didn’t know you needed to continue your growth and success in media as a small business owner. For the truly committed, 10/10 recommend!

Nicole Guberman, Board-Certified Master Life Coach

If you are an...





Aspiring Speaker

  • It has never been more important to be competitively positioned for success;
  • ◾ we’re pivoting out of the pandemic and into an uncertain economic landscape,
  • ◾ social media platforms we relied on for promotion and visibility are imploding,
  • ◾ the competition’s stiffer than ever,

There´s never been a more critical time to get off the sidelines, get in front of the right people, and break through the noise. 

NOTHING achieves that better than strategic public speaking and media appearances.

Now's the time for media exposure and speaking

From 'Unknown' to 'Sought-After'

Media, speaking, and PR  – “earned media”  and “borrowing audiences” – allow you to:

Powerfully establish credibility & authority

Stand out and make the $$ you deserve

Rise above the competition

Replace fruitless social media posts with content that converts

Play a Bigger Game

The Break Through with Media Summit is YOUR solution to


How do we do that?

By gathering industry experts from every aspect of speaking, media and PR in a live 3-day virtual event to help YOU envision what that kind of firepower could do for you and your business

With the Break Though with Media Summit, you´ll meet the experts and learn about the strategies, requirements and resources you need to get invited, featured and promoted on stages and in media to go from unknown to sought-after. 

You don’t have to have a big list, a big budget, or big industry connections. But You DO need to have somethings in place to start down this path…

Whether your goal is to start OR to scale your speaking and media exposure, this LIVE interactive event is designed to help you visualize, strategize, and get started with your own speaking and media campaign.

FEB23 Break Through with Media Vault Mockup Horizontal

This summit restructured my whole thinking around priorities, and what might be possible for me, and then gave me the whole toolkit I need to move forward with leveling up. It’s exactly what I needed (and need) to be doing RIGHT NOW…what could be more important to my family than being happier in my work, having a greater impact, and getting paid real money to do it. 

Tracy Barnett, Journalist & Founder/Editor – Esperanza Project

During our time together we'll focus on:

day 1


Everything Speaking: the opportunities, benefits and the necessary foundations

  • 🔸 SPEAKER PANEL:  Changing Lives (Yours!)
  • 🔸 The Power of Public Speaking
  • 🔸 Virtual Speaking: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • 🔸 ​INTERACTIVE SESSION – What’s Your Talk? 
  • 🔸 ​​​TEDx Talks – Impact & Visibility
  • 🔸 ​​​​Speaking to Scale
  • 🔸 ​​​​Find Speaking Opportunities

This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work kind of day, integrating our Strategy First approach into your very own Break Through Blueprint.

day 2


Building on the speaking and visibility concepts from Day 1, we walk you through:

  • 🔸 SPEAKER PANEL:  Earned Media
  • 🔸 Create Your Media Footprint
  • 🔸 BootStrapping PR
  • 🔸 INTERACTIVE SESSION​​​​Your Positioning, Your Media Messaging
  • 🔸 ​​​​Leveraging Podcast Guesting
  • 🔸 ​​​​Getting TV Exposure
  • 🔸 ​​​​Essential Media Training

As you fill in your own Break Through Blueprint you will see your own Break Through with Media come into sharper focus.

day 3

Strategy, Skills & Tools

Our last day together is devoted to putting ideas into action.

  • 🔸 SPEAKER PANEL:  The Necessary Elements
  • 🔸 Your Brand – What Do You Stand For?
  • 🔸 Create Your Media/Speaking Calendar
  • 🔸 INTERACTIVE SESSIONPitching to Win
  • 🔸 ​​​​Making Every Appearance Pay – Leveraging Appearances
  • 🔸 ​​​​Strategy & Skills – The Source (The Break Through Community)

There’s no stopping you now! Join us and Break Though with Media!

Here's just some of what you'll learn

summit check - what you'll learn

Why 2023 will be a blockbuster year for virtual speaking, and how you can be ready to lead your competition

summit check - what you'll learn

The simple formula for designing your profitable speaking and media campaign

summit check - what you'll learn

The secret to leveraging earned media into high-converting content 

summit check - what you'll learn

How to scale your speaking from just beginning to beyond

summit check - what you'll learn

​The simple strateges for integrating speaking and media into your busy calendar (without compromising)

summit check - what you'll learn

The tech must-haves and the best way to maximize resources (you don’t need a big studio or big budget)

summit check - what you'll learn

​The biggest mistake speakers make when filling their media calendar

summit check - what you'll learn

The non-negotiables for ongoing earned-media impact

summit check - what you'll learn

How to make sure your target audience hears you — and stays until the end

summit check - what you'll learn

Why community is a critical part of your strategy

summit check - what you'll learn

​What matters most during virtual speaking (and what you should never do)

summit check - what you'll learn

How a TEDx talk changes everything – the ongoing ripple-effect

summit check - what you'll learn

How to access hidden media opportunities

summit check - what you'll learn

How to structure and pitch any media outlet

The Speakers

What you’ve been waiting for – who are these experts and what will I be learning from them at the Break Through with Media Summit??

Jump to:

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3

DAY 1: Tuesday, Feb 7 - speaking

Break Through with Media - 3 days, 20 experts - day 1 panel session


Bobbie Carlton

Bobbie Carlton
Power of Public Speaking; Visibility=Opportunity

Live, Virtual or Both?


What is Your Talk 

Elaine Powell - TEDx

Elaine Powell
TEDx Talks  –  Impact &  Visibility

Speaking to Scale

Finding Speaking Opportunities

day 2: wednesday, Feb 8 - Media

Break Through with Media - 3 days, 20 experts - day 1 panel session


Create Your Media Footprint

Bootstrapping PR


Your Positioning, Your Media Messaging

Leveraging Podcast Guesting

Stacia Crawford

Stacia Crawford
You, On TV? Hell, Yeah!

Essential Media Training

day 3: Thursday, Feb 9 - STRATEGY, SKILLS & TOOLS

Break Through with Media - 3 days, 20 experts - day 1 panel session


Your Brand – What Do You Stand For?

Your Media/Speaking Calendar



Making Every Appearance Pay – Leveraging Appearances

September Smith

September Smith
Skills, Strategy, & Community – Putting It All Together

All this incredible expertise LIVE and at your fingertips!

where you'll find ouR speakers

“…an amazing gift of a summit. This was one of the most content-packed Summit’s I’ve ever attended. The speakers were real “go-givers” and not only contributing but learning WITH us – they felt like part of the community, not people who “drop in” and give their ideas and leave.”

Susan Schramm, Founder, Go to Market Impact LLC

meet your host

Hey! I’m September Smith, a podcast host, podcast guesting strategist, and business consultant.

I also passionately want to get the tools and expertise into the hands of those visionaries and change-makers  – authors, entrepreneurs, & coaches – to help them take advantage of speaking opportunities and earned media – print media, TV, podcasts, and radio – to get seen, heard and make a real difference.

I created the Break Through with Media summit to help you figure out how to do that.   To powerfully bust out of the social-media-posting grind and break through to more authoritative stages and media where you can build your portfolio of client-convincing media content and credibility. 

#YourVoiceMatters   #WhyNotYou

When I came to the Break Thru with Media Summit, I didn’t know what to expect. The speakers blew me away with their content, their unselfish giving of themselves and resources. Perhaps the most significant takeaway I received was the understanding and benefits of EARNED media coverage.  The speakers gave real-life examples and shared ideas that I could use immediately. Thanks, September, for putting together an all-star group of people that will help catapult my speaking business. I am eternally grateful.

Kamau Kenyatta, Author, Speaker, Professor, Business Culture Expert


This event is designed to be a fully immersive experience

Not just an action-packed 3 days of live interactive sessions with incredible industry experts showing you how to transform your business or career with media and speaking.

It is your starting point for lasting impact and results you will never achieve on your own.

Here's how you get those lasting results

Free for You

Multiply the Impact

1) Register

The first and most important step?  Sign up! Register for free and get a ton of value, all under one virtual roof.

Buy the All-Access Pass – get exclusive pre-summit events, all previous summit content PLUS a community of like-minded people going for a breakthrough; get started with your media and speaking roadmap

2) show up

Once registered, you’ll get all the links and info you need to join the party

TUES, FEB 7 ~ THUR 9, 10AM ~ 3PM

All 3 days of live, interactive sessions are yours for free

Join the pre-summit events; connect with attendees and experts; attend the interactive, live summit sessions; and take advantage of the bonus ‘after-hours’ wrap sessions to get questions answered and solidify what you’re learning

3) engage

All 3 days of live, interactive sessions are yours for free

  •   ~ the experts,
  •   ~ the made-for-success summit materials,
  •   ~ amazing sessions, concepts & insights,
  •   ~ the other Break-Through-ready attendees
  •   ~ your future self

Take full advantage of the summit plus the All-Access passholder events: the expertise shared, the growth opportunities, the extra attention and focus, and the ongoing Break Through community.

4) take action

Take all the actionable steps, processes, and guidance you receive, combine it with the inspiration and motivation you’ll get and

start making it happen for YOU!

Take action while relying on the content and recorded materials from this and the previous summit, get accountability, feedback, and ongoing guidance in the Break Through community

5) succeed!

You now have the roadmap, the vision and the resources to achieve the success you want with media exposure and impactful speaking opportunities.

Have lasting momentum to achieve the success you desire knowing you don’t have to do it alone.  The Break Through community supplies you with ongoing strategy, guest expert events, and support in your journey.


The Break Through with Media Summit was just that, a Breakthrough! It allowed me to clearly understand media’s impact on my business and the distinct parts of media that empower and ensure my success. I’m very grateful and ready to show up in the world! Thank you

Sheila James, CEO of Saint James Media, Empowerment Coach, Speaker

“..The Break Through with Media summit blew me away! I didn’t expect to attend every session, but I put all my other tasks on hold because I didn’t want to miss a single event! As a relatively new speaker, I devoured the advice and tips for getting visibility in the media. During the summit, I signed up for all the offerings, so even though the summit is over, my journey is just beginning…I was grateful and encouraged by the support I received… I am truly indebted to [September] and her team, and I thank you!”

Connie Inukai, Grandmapreneur®, Author, Speaker, Inventor

Felecia Ward, Felecia Ward Marketing

This summit is AMAZING! I have an entire notebook of copious notes on each speaker. I registered for each freebie and sent Linkedin Requests to every speaker then pinned their LIVES to the top of my social media pages and I’m working on my one-sheet.  I had a free discovery call with one of the speakers and I’m looking forward to my free TedX training in July!  Amazing!

Felecia Ward, Felecia Ward Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: It’s free because I want to share the collective wisdom of these media experts with ambitious entrepreneurs – those that know that marketing strictly within the social media landscape is a dead-end and who want to go bigger and soar higher – to give them the vision and a rapid path to leveling up, to see an alternative to the social media hamster-wheel we’ve all been sold on by the influencers and gurus. Knowing your options is power!


The free registration pass gives you access to the community during the summit, every one of the 17 speaker sessions over the 3 days, post-session Q&As, downloadable worksheets, any live events within the community, and 36 hour access to session replays.

The paid All-access Power Pass offers all that, daily ‘after-hours wrap-up sessions’, lifetime access to the content, premium bonus content from the speakers – e-books, training, courses, etc – that they usually charge for, and the ongoing Break Through with Media community to add momentum to your inspiration.

Answer:  The summit event is indeed live. Each one of our speakers will be with us live and able to respond to your questions.  The recordings will be available to everyone for 36 hours; paid access pass holders have lifetime access to recording.

Answer:  As a free pass holder, you will have access to each of the sessions for 36 hours. Paid pass holders will have lifetime access.

Getting media coverage can actually be a powerful way for new businesses to really get off the ground! The necessary element to making this work is having your core business concepts, products and messaging firmly established. After all, media is all about the message. For some entrepreneurs, like consultants, they may be ready to harness media immediately – and often do to build their brand.

Either way, it is never too early to know what your options are – and who better to learn from than an array of experts!

Getting media exposure, stage appearances, PR and publicity for you and your book is as good as it gets!  Learning how to make this happen can take you to brand new heights

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the best combination of media for a given company or industry but if your kind of business has ever been successfully marketed with advertising then you can bet this will work for your business.
Not at all! Some of our speakers are actually introverts themselves and have figured out the best way for them to comfortably utilize media and speaking to position themselves and grow their business.
No – to turbo-charge it with Bigger-impact content and make it work even better for you! You can still post and engage on social media; you’ll just have much more authoritative, convincing content to be posting and sharing. In the meantime, all your media and speaking appearances is being promoted by others on a wider variety of channels, getting you and your business in front of more people than you’d reach in years of posting.
We will do our best to get all questions answered after each expert session and in the chat afterwards.

Absolutely not! The only person you’ll get emails from after you sign up is me, September. That’s so you can get all the updates for the summit and all the links you’ll need. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to hear from me, but I endeavor to provide only value and relevant updates re: future live events with our speakers.  If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time.

As for the speakers, the only way your email address will be shared with them is if you opt-in for a freebie they promote or grab one of their bonuses offered in the Bonus Power Pack, which is part of the paid access passes. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don’t have to worry about getting added to 20 email lists that you’re not interested in.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

No problem! Email any questions to and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Are you Ready to Break Through?​

3 days, 17 industry experts all gathered in one place;
 get the credibility, the recognition, acclaim that you deserve

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